Lectures, etc., Dr Michael Jewess



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Intellectual property law


Forthcoming lecture:  Brunel University virtual guest lecture Wednesday 25 October 2023, “Professional ethics”.  What would be a handout in a face-to-face lecture are available HERE.  Attendees will be requested to print this out to have by them during the virtual lecture.


Attendees at the CIPA CPD webinar “Educating the client” of 12 June 2023 are invited to print out and inspect the pages available HERE, which in a live seminar would have been a handout illustrating invention datasheets.




Science and Technology 


Forthcoming lecture:  ““Near-misses, failures, and total disasters”, Physical Society Club, after dinner, Wednesday 1 November 2023, London. 


4th International Conference on the History of Physics, talk Thursday 9 June 2022, Trinity College Dublin, “The Einstein – de Haas experiment of early 1915:  so important to Einstein that he interrupted his work on General Relativity for it.” References and acknowledgements for this talk are given at DUBLINREFS.


For an abbreviated account of all talks given on Wednesday 13 October 2021, at “The handed world – 150 years of chiral molecules”, meeting at the Royal Society of Chemistry, London, follow link CHIRALITY.  This includes the author’s introductory talk together with illustrations created by him.   


For an abbreviated text of the talk on Saturday 8 June 2019 “Chemical implications of induced transmutation”, given at a  joint Royal Society of Chemistry/Institute of Physics meeting at the University of Manchester celebrating the centenary of a key experiment of Rutherford, follow link RUTHERFORD.