This substantial work (xxviii plus 516 pages) was published by CIPA in autumn 2013 (£40, £35 for CIPA members, delivery free to UK addresses).  The book seeks to show how overall policy and strategy in intellectual property translates into day-to-day legal practice, and encourages practitioners to take an assertive, broad, and businesslike view of the needs of the client – especially one with international business or aspiration – but without compromise of professional ethics and principles.  It will in addition be a valuable resource for research academics, students in IP and business courses, and policy-makers.  For further details and ordering by post, fax, or phone, follow the links: 




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Reviewers’ comments (senior IP professionals):


Bob Pidgeon (until 2013 of the Appleyard Lees managing committee and senior partner): “Policy, strategy, and management, and day-to-day IP practice, are considered side-by-side”;  “thought-provoking ideas and proposals throughout”;  “[covers] many matters which are ‘in the IP mix’ but which are rarely discussed in a rounded manner”; “very broad in its sweep, and … overwhelmingly practical and helpful”;  “many chapters … of value to any IP attorney”;  “particularly useful to IP attorneys in positions of management responsibility – or IP attorneys who aspire to [such positions]”;  “[the] price … a steal”.


IPKat:  “highly satisfactory”;  It’s the fact that it’s a ‘management text’ that makes the text so very engaging.  The author’s lively personality and considerable personal experience shine through the text on an ongoing basis”;  negotiate a bulk deal … and buy a dozen”.


Terry Johnson (editorial committee, EPI Information):  “Dr Jewess gives sensible practical advice, valuable insights, and helpful guidelines”;  “a compelling read for … practitioners in private practice, in in-house departments, in solicitor IP departments, and those policy makers on the ‘Official Side’ “;  “covers all the major jurisdictions”;  “refreshing thoughts”;  “this well-written and readable book [is] a ‘must have’ for all IP practitioners of whatever nationality and wherever they practice worldwide”.  


Reviewers’ comments (senior academics):


Professor Christine Greenhalgh (in World Competition):  “[An] important new book”;  “the distillation of a vast amount of experience about what works and what is unhelpful in IPR”;  “will be of immense value to those struggling with this complex element of modern business activity”.  


Professor Ruth Soetendorp (in The Law Teacher):  “Written in an engaging and accessible style”;  “full of law and legal insights [but] not in competition with standard IP law texts ... fulfilling a different task ... with clarity and enthusiasm”;  “speaks eloquently both to the patent attorney and IP legal adviser, and to the engineer”;  “a welcome addition to reading lists and library shelves, for the benefit of academics and students alike”.